Full Mortality

Full Mortality is also known as "all risk" coverage. It covers death due to any cause not specifically excluded by the policy. Additional coverages such as major medical, surgical and loss of use may be added to a full mortality policy. Animals covered by a full mortality policy must meet certain age and health criteria in order to be eligible for coverage.

The premium for this type of coverage is based on age and type of use and is figured on a percentage of the insured value. The insured value is the value that you would like to insure your horse - most people insure their animal for the purchase price. Depending on cost factors, the premium can be reduced if the owner chooses to insure for a lesser amount of the purchase price. Please note, that you cannot insure over the purchase price without proper justification i.e.: training cost and show records. The insurance company does have the right to set the limits on the insured value when insuring over the purchase price.

If the animal is insured for less than $50,000 a vet certificate is NOT needed. A Statement of Health Form must be completed and accompanied with the Mortality application and can be completed by the owner. If the animal is insured over $50,000 a Vet Certificate must be completed and signed by a licensed Veterinarian.

Mortality Insurance Application

        Veterinary Certificate of Examination for Mortality Coverage Application

        Statement of Health Application

Major Medical

Personal Liability Insurance

Whether your involvement with horses is private or commercial, your horse insurance needs likely fall outside the scope of your homeowners policy. Finding the right type of coverage for what you do should not be difficult. Equi–Nes Insurance offers a broad range of liability insurance products to cover most standard equestrian risks.

Equine Commercial General Liability Application

Horse Show Liability Insurance

Our horse show liability coverage can be designed to cover anything from the basic one day barn show to a fully rated show. You have your choice of different liability and deductible options and we included set up and tear down days. Additional named insureds can be added for minimal costs i.e.: horseshow board of directors.

Horse Show & Competition Liability Application

Equine Ranch and Estate Insurance

Our horse farm insurance program offers complete property and liability packages for most equine properties. Whether you own a small pleasure horse farm, an affluent equestrian estate or commercial equestrian operation, we can design a horse farm insurance program that will suit your needs. Designed by underwriters who deal solely with equine related risks, our Ranch and Estate program is the only horse farm insurance package in existence that was designed exclusively for the equestrian marketplace.

Health and Life Insurance

Our agency represents all of the major health insurance providers. This allows you access to many insurance companies without the hassle of meeting with several different representatives. We specialize in providing health and life insurance to individuals as well as small businesses. This coverage is rated on an individual basis.  If interested in obtaining coverage please contact us for applications.

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